Why should we stimulate the gums

Stimulating the gums promotes better blood  circulation in the gums and helps to keep your  gums healthy, strong and supple.

Healthy gums contribute to a healthy set of teeth.

Stimulating the gums gives you a refreshing and a well cared for feeling.

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5 different
tantalizing Settings


Up to 6 weeks
Of battery life


Includes 2 advanced
brush heads

The unique v++ technology

V++ MAX & V++ ARC

Did you know that taking care of your gums is just as important as brushing your teeth? Thanks to the Better Toothbrush it’s as easy as one two three. The Better Toothbrush uses the revolutionary V++ technology, which you can recognise by the unique V shape of its outer rows of bristles.

This stimulates the gums while you brush your teeth. The Better Toothbrush provides the ultimate, refreshing feel while and after you brush your teeth.

Available in 3
fresh colors!

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